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Lawn Mowing Service

We provide professional lawn care services to the Forest Hill, Bel Air, and Abingdon, MD areas, including grass cutting, edging, string trimming, and blowing.

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Weekly lawn mowing services provided to the Forest Hill, Bel Air, and Abingdon areas of Maryland.

A lush, green, well-cared-for lawn is a vital centerpiece for any yard, and at It's Just Grass, we have the experience and expertise to give your lawn the professional touch that it needs. If your lawn in the Forest Hill, Bel Air, and Abingdon, MD area needs care, we have a mowing and maintenance package that’s right for you.

The benefits of scheduled lawn mowing service.

Did you know that consistent grass cutting is more important in maintaining a healthy lawn than irrigation, fertilization, aeration, or any of those other lawn care services? By keeping your grass at the proper height, each blade of grass is able to get optimal sun and water, and better absorbs the nutrients around it. When we mow your lawn, we never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade, which ensures proper photosynthesis can occur and your grass will continue to thrive.

It's Just Grass customer after a lawn mowing session in Forest Hill, MD.

How often does my lawn need to be mowed?

Mowing season in the Forest Hill, Bel Air, and Abingdon area is from April to early November. For grass that grows in the cooler seasons, such as Rye, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Fine Fescue, it’s best to maintain a height of 2½ inches. The grasses that grow in the warmer seasons, such as Zoysia, should be kept a little bit longer, at about 3½ inches.

During its growing season of April through September, your lawn should be cut weekly. During the fall months, 10-14 days should keep your grass at its ideal length. We will assess your grass type, its growing season, and provide the mowing schedule that will keep it growing strong and looking great!

Not just mowing, service includes edging, string-trimming, and blowing too!

Our lawn care packages include more than just mowing. You’ll also receive professional edging service, this creates a clean and sharp look where your grass meets the driveway and sidewalks. For those tough to reach areas, we provide string-trimming around your home, trees, fence, patio, or other obstacles. We also use blowers to return trimmings back onto your lawn to nourish the grass and soil.

It's Just Grass mowing yard with 48 inch lawn mower in Bel Air, MD.

Providing lawn service for 5-acre properties or less.

With our 48” stander mowers and our 36” walk-behind mowers, we can service yards up to 5 acres in size. If you’re in the Forest Hill, Bel Air, Abingdon, or surrounding area, give us a call at (855) 487-4727 to set up a mowing package that’s right for you and see the true potential of your lawn!

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